7 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for 2024

Planning a baby shower is a fun, exciting, and heartwarming experience…it can also be very stressful. Not only are you coordinating the venue, guests, external vendors, and catering, but you also need to “wow” the soon-to-be mom. And “wowing” someone means you can’t plan the same old, tired baby shower that everyone else has already had.

Here at Lucy Blossoms, we believe that the right decorations are key to elevating an event, transforming your venue into a magical space, and making your baby shower a truly unique and memorable experience. 

Over the years, trends have come and gone, but here are our favorite baby shower decorations ideas for 2024: 

1. Miniature floral vases: Beauty can come in small packages!

Bring the beauty of nature to your baby shower with miniature floral vases. These charming little arrangements can be placed on guest tables, dessert stations, or even used as favors. They are also a great way to add floral arrangements without breaking the bank. Gone are the days of overly large centerpieces that no one can see over! Miniature floral vases add that touch of elegance and splash of color, making your guests feel truly special and excited about the event.

2. Custom balloon arrangements: Make your baby shower pop 

Balloons are a classic baby shower decoration, and in 2024, we’re taking them to new heights with custom balloon garlands, walls and arches. At Lucy Blossoms, our skilled team can design mesmerizing balloon arrangements that perfectly match your theme and color scheme. From elegant pastels to vibrant bursts of color, the possibilities are endless. Just choose your Lucy Blossoms location to learn more about how we can craft custom balloon arrangements that truly make your baby shower pop.

Our balloons are also made out of 100% biodegradable latex!

3. Stacked blocks: Bring that childhood nostalgia

Celebrate the excitement of a new arrival with stacked alphabet blocks as adorable centerpieces or props. The playful and nostalgic vibe of these blocks will surely warm the hearts of your guests. You can customize the blocks to spell out the baby’s name, birthdate, or any other delightful messages. These charming additions will become not only decorations but also cherished keepsakes for the parents-to-be. We’ve seen them in smaller sizes, as well as a foot tall!

4. LED marquee letters: Shine bright!

Light up your baby shower with the glimmering charm of LED marquee letters. These illuminated letters add a touch of glamor and act as eye-catching focal points for the event. Whether you spell out “BABY,” “LOVE,” or the baby’s name, the LED marquee letters will add a magical glow to the celebration. At Lucy Blossoms, we work with a variety of vendors to craft the perfect message. We also offer some of our own in-house neon signs at qualifying locations!

5. Reusable and recyclable decorations: Celebrate responsibly

We’re passionate about sustainable celebrations. That’s why our flower walls are reusable, and our balloons are made from 100% biodegradable latex! Opt for reusable and recyclable decorations to minimize the environmental impact of your baby shower. From eco-friendly tableware to decorations made from sustainable materials, there are a variety of ways to keep the planet top of mind. Not only will you be creating a beautiful event, but you’ll also be contributing to a better world for the new arrival.

6. Custom menus and place cards: Personalize the experience

Elevate your baby shower by adding personalized touches to your decor, such as custom menus and place cards. There are a range of elegant and themed designs that can be tailored to the soon-to-be mom’s preferences, making the baby shower a highly unique and unforgettable experience. Custom menus will add a sense of sophistication to your table settings, while personalized place cards will make your guests feel welcomed and valued. It’s the little details that make your baby shower truly special.

7. Flower wall backdrops: the perfect photo-op!

Create a breathtaking ambiance with flower wall backdrops that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Flower walls have become a must-have in baby shower decorations for 2024. At Lucy Blossoms, we pride ourselves on designing stunning flower walls featuring a variety of blooms and colors. These Instagram-worthy backdrops not only add elegance to the event but also serve as the perfect backdrop for capturing precious moments. Add that “something extra” to your baby shower with the perfect photo-op for your guests and the mom-to-be! 

As you experience the joy (and sometimes stress) of planning a baby shower, just remember that the Lucy Blossoms team is here to guide you and help create a unique and memorable experience. From custom balloon arrangements and flower walls to full event planning and coordination, we have party experts ready to create the perfect celebration. 

We believe in bringing that “something extra” to every event. That special something that makes it truly unique and memorable. 

Are you ready to take your baby shower to the next level? Just choose one of the three Lucy Blossoms locations below to learn more about our unique event offerings: 

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