Meet the team

Meet Jami, the CEO, founder, and Creative mind behind Lucy Blossoms. After living in Pittsburgh with her husband, they relocated to Northern Virginia. Two years later, her business has blossomed (pun intended) and is so glad to be able to provide a service that can bring so much joy. 

Meet Jami

Meet Lucy, the actual CEO of Lucy Blossoms. This deaf frenchie mix oversees all departments and makes sure to test each floral wall by posing for a photo. When she isn't hard at work Lucy enjoys playing fetch and taking naps.

Meet Lucy

Meet Lexi, the Lucy Blossoms Operations Manager. Lexi is a military spouse and a mom of one cute little girl! She is a Tennessee native and has a previous background in rehab therapy.

Meet Lexi

Meet Anna, The Lucy Blossoms Event Specialist. Anna was born and raised in Cologne Germany, she moved to Northern Virginia in 2003. She and her husband have two children and a toy poodle. Anna joined the Lucy Blossoms team in summer 2021 and loves helping create beautiful events and memories.

Meet Anna

Meet Jess, A Lucy Blossoms Event Planner. Jess is a cat mom, coffee lover and photographer. She grew up in South Africa and moved to the USA straight after high school. She loves traveling and always on the lookout for her next adventure. She loves being creative and she pays attention to details.

Meet Jess

Meet Diana, the Lucy Blossoms Installation Specialist. She was born and raised in the DMV area. Diana is a mother to four amazing children. She enjoys how each event set up is different and gives her the ability to be creative!

Meet Diana

Meet Nancy

Meet Nancy, The Lucy Blossoms Marketing Manager. Nancy is a local fashion and lifestyle influencer with a criminal justice and marketing background. Nancy was born in India and raised in Miami, FL. Six years ago, she gave up flip flops and hurricanes for uggs boots and snowstorms! She enjoys networking with like-minded individuals and making new connections!


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