Backdrops, An Event Necessity

With the rise of technology and social media, everyone is an amateur photographer and brand ambassador. For many years, a corporate event or brand launch required a professional photographer and newspaper or media outlets to be in attendance. In our newer globalized, selfie, internet world; all you truly need are some great backdrops for your attendees to take pictures in front of and they will do a large part of the publicizing for you.

The Classic Step and Repeat

This backdrop instantly makes people think, red carpet, gala, celebrity and Hollywood. Its a plain colored backdrop with one to four brand logos repeated across the entire sheet. These backdrops are classic and definitely get the job done for promoting a charity or brand. The easy to install, large roll can be set up and taken down quickly. It is clean, simple and relatively inexpensive. You may even be able to reuse it for different events. The step and repeat has been used for decades, even before the selfie generation came about.

Scenic Backdrops

Another simple and cost efficient backdrop that can be reused is the same as a step and repeat but a large scene. Photographers often use these backdrops for their sessions. You can order them brand new online or you may even be able to get them at a reduced price from a photographer clearing out old stock. Event planners also know where and how to get the best deals on these backdrops and may even have some in stock from past events. Are you hosting a benefit for wildlife? A cool scene with the animals you are raising money for may be just the ticket! Do you have a church event? You can even get religious backdrops!

Floral Backdrops

You’ve seen them all over the place in the last several years! People love to stop and take a selfie or have a friend snap a group photo in front of these greenery and floral backdrops. Natural backdrops like these are incredibly versatile and more fun than a simple step and repeat. They add a touch of class, beauty and warmth to an event that may otherwise be cold and boring (think corporate events). They are, of course, perfect for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, showers and bachelorette parties. You can easily incorporate your color scheme in this way. Or, you can keep it simple and fresh with greenery like boxwood, ivy or eucalyptus.

These backdrops aren’t just for events. They can become permanent installations at your place of business. Stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs are increasing their use of these kinds of permanent backdrops as advertisement. They know that their customers are going to want to snap a photo of their night out or shopping fix and providing a beautiful backdrop for this also gets their brand out on social media.

Balloon Backdrops and Arches

People have been using balloons to decorate events for decades. It’s a super inexpensive way to incorporate a color scheme and deck out an event space. If you want a gorgeous event with a great background for photos, a balloon arch may be the way to go. There are all kinds of diy methods to make a balloon arch out there. It’s important to not think that you can easily do this the day of the event, lest your brand launch look like a 5 year old’s birthday party in 1995. Event planners have all of the experience and equipment at their disposal to make a balloon arch look unique and professional. You can have signage in the background and your guests will love taking photos in front of it. Photos, that are sure to make their way across social media platforms.

An Important Part of the Event

If you’re over 40, you may not think of a background for people to take photos at as a primary piece of your event. Probably because it wasn’t a  “big thing” until the last ten or fifteen years. Presently, the backdrop for photos is an absolute must.

You don’t have much control over the photos people take and circulate at an event like decades ago when your photographer would be the sole source and simply edit out background issues. You don’t want hundreds of photos circulating without taking advantage of the opportunity to have your brand or event theme imprinted in them. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional event planner to help walk you through backdrop options so you can provide your guests and yourself with beautiful photos minus the awkward background issues.

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